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I was wondering....

While reading I often get urge to tie a few threads together where the content appears to intersect. I mean, often an answer, some information/technique or a particularly well written response in another thread or two is relevant or amusing at this particular point in this thread. There are also occasions where a topic is introduced that has already been discussed at length and a link is posted to preserve our energies. Maybe there is a way to prempt some of this.

We all browse old threads and sometimes ressurrect them if we feel inspired even though those that inspired us have long since given up the discussion or even left the building. The thread is then out of context in time to current users but still reads in a linear manner, isolated in time and space while preserved for posterity ....or does this present an opportunity?

If you were reading a post in an old thread and you realise the most logical and informative 'next step' is in a thread that didn't exist when the post was written....no good to that poster but what about the ever increasing numbers following his/her/your lead. In this instance time is the problem but it also provides the solution by giving an opportunity to place the right link in the right place retrospectively in the ten plus years of preserved insight.

I'm talking about a tapestry of threads more immune to the constraints of linear time. If threads are the warp... links are weft. Lateral thinking....

It seems to me to be a question of editing. Internal links are innocuous as they are optional and we've all got a 'back'button. We all have the ability to edit our own posts and moderators to edit anybodys...is this possible throughout the entire database of Cheftalk's existence? That is to say, apparently I can go back to an old post of mine and, if helpful, quote the relevant 'jumping off' post, insert a link to a current thread that discusses the same or a similar topic in a new or different manner or by more informed posters. No harm no foul and a potentially interesting navigational aid. Some members have been here since Adam had an abacus and so have access through the edit/quote features to thousands of threads they have contributed to. Some are friends and so could ask through PM to have an advantageous link they had worked out inserted by another who posted in a thread they didn't but are interested in.

Cheftalk is not a reference database it is the collabrative and subjective effort of people who care about food and/or its preparation.....everybody's contribution counts! I'm merely suggesting a possible way of making its incredible worth more accessible by defeating time using the same technology it was spawned from. Technology that has yet to reveal its full power and consequence...btw.    

I guess my point is that if you ever thought 'I wish I knew then what I know now' about something you learned in CT 'later in life' you do have the ability to 'time travel' and fix it for the next guy using the edit/quote features. Not a mission, not even a project just a hobby within a hobby...many hands making light work.

Is this plausible....or are those cleaning products on hot surfaces finally getting to me?

Would it be easier and faster than the search feature for the uninitiated?

Or should someone just cut an paste a kickass culinary work with an enormous list of acknowledgements! /img/vbsmilies/smilies/cool.gif

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