What was your worst kitchen blunder?

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 I've had more kitchen blunders than successful ones...

One of these was making a bunch of pretzels that was absolutely unedible. It was so tough that my brother even calls it the "iron pretzels".  /img/vbsmilies/smilies/lol.gif
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Well, I think I'd have to reach way back to when my best friend and I were about 11.. during the summer break we were swimming and after coming in we found a box of cookie mixture in the pantry. Cookies sounded incredible, so we began reading the ingredients and figuring out what we had vs. what we didn't. We didn't have any milk.

After a few stressful moments contemplating the awfulness of not actually being able to make them, I decided that coffee creamer must be something like milk! So, I guessed at the ratio for adding creamer (powdered creamer) in place of milk, and didn't even think about adding liquid to it. The cookies looked a little strange.. but smelled pretty good. So we each grabbed one and started to gobble it down, an odd delayed disaster occurred after about 5-7 second of chewing, and suddenly what sort of resembled a cookie turned into something more like a chemical we'd find in the garage. After spitting everything out and trying to get rid of the nasty taste, we had to scrap the whole batch. All was not lost however as we moved on to banana sandwiches!
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Back when my wife and I were students, we only had that tiny little oven with a 1" gap between the door and the seal. Enough to say that the thing just wouldn't heat much.

Another thing: when my wife is hungry, she has no patience at all, she get's nervous and just HAS to eat or she gets mad.

So one night I decide to make gratin dauphinois. I know it takes about 1hr to cook. We plan to eat at 7pm. But at 7pm, the potatoes are still uncooked. Back to the oven. 7:30pm, taste, not cooked. Back to the oven. 8pm, still not cooked. 8:30pm, still not cooked. At that point my wife was SO hungry she started to get really angry, and told me she'd rather eat it raw than wait any longer. I insist, it's almost there, I just feel like it still needs another 15mn... so I convinced her to wait. 9pm, open the oven, insert knife into potato: it's ready! So I take my oven mitts, grab the dish, and .... lose my balance, flip the whole dish upside down while taking it out of the oven, and the entire contents of the dish fall right into the trash that was next to the oven.

Well at least that was an easy clean up. You don't want to see the look on our faces.

I think that night I ran to the store, bought a big bag of cookies and called it the night.
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French Fries that's hilarious.

I just made a batch of small cookies and misread the recipe.  Instead of 3tsps of baking soda I added 3 heaping tbsp.  It was very confusing to look into the oven and see my little cookies puff into monstrosities.
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Note I was (and still am) taking a entry course in baking... heres how it went down:

We were making a lemon meringue type cake and the recipe called for cake flour, me not paying attention I grabbed AP flour. Not a huge deal and it would have come out just fine but I got lectured to from our instructor about the importance of using the right flour.

Another slip up was accidentally grabbing salt instead of sugar when we were making creme brulee, this was caught at the last possible second however.

This next one was not really our fault, for our final we were to make three custard dishes to present to our professor and the rest of the class. We all assumed the ramekins were washed properly...never assume. It turns out that everything tasted like garlic at the end because the class before apparently used them to store garlic. We didn't get a failing grade, we made up for it with presentation and professionalism and ended up getting a B, but an A would have been nice.
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Worst blunder for me was when we were first married and for some silly reason we invited friends over for dinner on a weeknight.  I was new to cooking at that time, and honestly I didn't understand the difference between pyrex and corningware when it came to the stovetop so I started sauteeing chicken and onions in my pyrex pan that eventually shattered under the heat.  Glass and grease went all over causing a small grease fire on my stove.  It was not a matter for the fire dept as I was able to get it out with baking soda.  We lived on the top floor of a triplex and the kitchen was at the front of our apartment so I opened our door and the window beside it.. well the freaks in the basement apartment smelled my cooking smoke and called 911.  I had managed to clean everything up and get the makings of spaghetti on the go (so much for my chicken...lol) when we had a visit from the TFD!

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