What was your greatest buy ever?


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What was your greatest buy ever? Mine was about a year ago when I still worked in the department store division of a major corporation. It was early Friday morning and merchandising had just got done with the latest markdowns. I happened to walk by the discount rack and spied some All Clad pans on sale for 75% off! Not only were they 75% off, one of them was an extra 10% off because of no box, plus my EXTRA 10% employee discount, PLUS, and extra 15% off because it was employee appreciation sale week! I got a small wok (haven't used it yet) and a 3qt stainless pan for around $25! Not only that, but I managed to pick up a kitchenaid food processor for my Mother in Law for $45 because it was a return! It will be years before I ever top that!

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A couple of years ago, I got complete access to and discount at what I believe to be the largest kitchen/restaurant supply wholesaler in Montreal. He has millions of dollars of products (everything from copper cookware to baking accessories and serious gadgets in between).

You should have seen me running in every direction, finding absolutely everything beautiful, essential and way too cool (just like a kid in a candy store...)!

That's where I purchased an untinned copper sugar pan, a copper/porcelain bain-marie, a mesh chinese strainer, a large stainless steel strainer and more,all at cost! The only way to top that would be to obtain the stuff as a gift!

:D :D :D
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Dear Kuan:

That is a difficult question. "The greatest buy ever". Do you mean in terms of price or in terms of satisfaction that I derived from what I bought?

The first thing that comes to mind is that ticket to that luncheon where I met my wife! Food has always brought me happiness! ;)

If I have to stick with culinary equipment, then my choice would be my Kenwood mixer. I paid full price for it :eek: but it has been great! I also remember other simple things, such as my first oven baking stone.

I have been working very hard lately and I have been away from our Cafe for a while. Although I am extremely tired, I just wanted to drop a note and say how much I enjoy going through the messages that everyone posted in the last couple of weeks. A lot to catch up with!

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Following Papa's post, I do feel compelled to add that indeed, a lot of satisfaction was derived from my purchases.

Thanks Papa ;)


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You got me curious Kimmie what store was that?

Last year on a pretty bad day, I went to one of my favourite kitchenware store. I was in bad need of compensation. There I found a small metal box, it contained 36 miniature, tiny, petit four moulds. It was on sale for 9.95$. I wasn't sure if I would ever use it but I couldn't resist it so I bought it. I've used it many time to the amazement of everyone who had one of my miniature tart. It always make people happy to see a plate of tiny sweets.
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I'd have to go with my Kenwood stand mixer. Someone here @ChefTalk was kind enough to alert us to a sale @Williams_Sonoma. The 7Qt mixers were on sale for $250. At the same time I got a $300 check from Uncle Sam. My net cost was $00.38!
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It's the KA PRO Mixer that I got for less than $300. Otherwise, it is my Henkels 11 inch chefs knife I got for a whopping $12 at Whole Earth Access Company in Berkeley in 1976. The hippie who sold it to me at that price must have been on LSD! :eek: :eek:
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It's not a store, Iza. He's the guy who imports and sells to your favorite kitchen stores and restaurant suppliers, from Arthur Quentin to Arès...

He sells me at cost! The catch is that he won't let me visit and purchase (in cash) much more than once a year, and it usually takes place outside regular business hours...


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