What type of ribs are these?

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Recently, I put some ribs on a rotisserie on the kettle.

I thought they were spare ribs (I bought them as such), but they hardly had any bones in them and they were very meaty.

Are they actually just spare ribs or are they called differently?

And where in the pig do they come from?

After reading some articles on the internet, it looks like they may have been country style ribs?

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Looks like untrimmed spare ribs to me. I usually square it off to st louis competition style. If you did that, you would have bones the whole length of rib for eating, and a lot for leftover meat for grinding.

When you butcher pig, the belly is on the other side of spare ribs. If you look at a pork belly picture you can see clearly where the ribs were. As such the butcher has an option of how much meat to leave on the belly or the ribs. It depends largely on season and the type of market. Ex, Chinatown butchers go big on belly cause it sells, leaving very little meat on ribs.
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I was just surprised as it looked like normal spare ribs, but there where hardly any bones in it.
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From the pictures it looks like a little of the meat under the belly was left on the ribs and they were cut lower down.
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