What type of cake is this?

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I've been browsing through my I staffant feed and this peculiar style of cake has constantly popped up. It's either naked, or covered with a mirror glaze. If anyone can identify it, I would be super grateful. A description of how this cake is made would be lovely as well please.

I attached some images of the cake below:
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I'm not completely sure, but it could be sprayed with chocolate with a paint sprayer. It usually creates that texture you see. A mix of 50/50 cocoa butter and chocolate is used to make it fluid enough to flow through the sprayer.
Then probably airbrushed for the colorful ones.
I believe there is a canned product that will produce this effect without the paint sprayer investment, but I've not tried it.


those sharp edges are hard to do with cake, could be the are all mousse cakes like the name of the white one, or using sponge sheet to ring the side to bring out the line edge, you can get a mousse to do the color blend without spraying but a spay finish would be more consistent for multiple 

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