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Discussion in 'Professional Chefs' started by string0123, Apr 20, 2014.

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    I have no experience in a professional kitchen/ restaurant industry but was looking for cloths to have a stage. I have no professional kitchen attire. 

    What chef wear items should I buy?

    I'm thinking chef shoes, chef pants, what kind of chef hat and chef jacket?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Yes, chef shoes (need to be black and non-slip), chef pants (again, black is your best friend). Chef jacket should be white and conservative, short sleeve might be OK if you want, but something nice and clean. Don't buy anything too expensive (no egyptian cotton, etc)...you don't want a chef coat more expensive than the chef's lol. 

    I would buy an apron also...probably a bib style with a solid color (black, again, or white) or maybe a pinstripe one. If you are staging at an upscale place, you probably don't need a hat (most upscale places don't wear them). Might be a good idea to get one anyways, I would go with a standard white skull cap style hat. 

    That should cover the basics for any place you would work. Some places have uniforms, some don't, some places use black chef coats, different colored aprons. If you see chili pepper's or anything silly on the pants of anyone who works there, run. Run fast. 

    Make sure your hair is trimmed and pulled back if long, Clip your nails. Brush your teeth, shave (if you are a guy, or if you are a girl and need to). Bring a notebook, a pen, and a sharpie. Stash a copy or your resume in the notebook (though without and cooking experience it might not help you) Read the menu online. Research the chef and restaurant if you can. Know a thing or two about the place. Why do you want to work there? Have an answer ready. If you are a girl don't wear too much makeup. 

    Do you have a basic knifebag? Chef's knife, paring knife, peeler, steel? If not, get some. If you want to be a cook you'll need them eventually anyways. 

    Good luck. 
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    Make sure you don't get new dansko clogs they shine like mofos when they're new and you'll look like a jack hole. Like someday said don't look better than the chef, and in general if you look like you've got money starting out in kitchens you probably won't be well received. Show up in all new chef-wear and shiny clogs and I'd probably hate you a bit, I've had the same chef pants for 7 years.
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