What to eat in Michoacan?

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Hi, brilliant food people.

I'm a longtime lurker, but a first-time poster.

I have a trip coming up soon to Michoacan, and as a freelance food writer, I want to be certain to try as many foods and drinks as possible that are specific to the region.

What shouldn't I miss? I'm especially looking for foods specific to Michoacan that aren't as likely to be found in other parts of Mexico.

I'll be spending time in Morelia, Patzcuaro, and Uruapan (where I'll be touring the avocado groves).

Any help appreciated!

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Haven't any advice from personal experience, not sure what you would be getting in that area of Mexico. Following the rules of Bourdain wouldn't be all bad. Look on the street and Look for the lines where the locals are, that's the place to eat. Best of luck.
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Here are a few specifics off the top of my head:
  • Chongos Zamoranos -- A dessert thing, from (wait for it) Zamora.  You gotta have it, you gonna love it.
  • Aguacates -- Avocado shaped bread.  It seems like you have some appreciation of the importance of avocados in Michoacan.  Pan aguacates is what comes from apotheosis.
  • Empanadas con Chilacayote - Squash turnover.  I probably didn't need to translate.
  • Carnitas -- Needs no introduction.  Trust me, they're different and better
  • Morisqueta -- An arroze with mostly chorizo
  • Helados (ice cream) -- there are all sorts of regional favorites. 
  • Charanda -- Booze
  • Sende -- Other booze
  • Atole -- Corn mush beverage.  Not that it isn't always special but in Michoacan you can get it in all sorts of flavors
  • Churipo -- Stew
  • Mashcuta -- Other stew.  Could be vegetarian.
  • Puerco Apatzingan -- A sort of pork mole
  • Sopa Tarasca -- Tortilla soup
  • Pollo Placero -- Sort of chicken pizza with carrots, sort of
  • Birria de chivo -- Goat stew - best on weekend mornings,  Like carnitas, sure you can get it all over Mexico, but it's nicely regionalized.
  • Corundas, Chakikurundas, Uchepo, Nactamales -- Different sorts of tamales. Nactamales are the ones most like "reuglar" Mexican tamales.  You'll probably see the other three served with churipo or mashcuta.  It's the Michoacan equivalent to tomato soup and grilled cheese 
  • Fish and shellfish -- Michoacan has a big coastline and consequently great mariscos.  My favorite prepartions are al diablo (very picant, if you don't like heat have something else) and zarandeado (citrus, garlic and very Pacific Coast).
Hope this helps,
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This is a fantastic list --I'm particularly excited about the bread. I can't find much information about it, and if you know more, I'd love to pick your brain. It would be a wonderful addition to my avocado story.

The sopa tarasca turns up the most on lists of Michoacan food, as does some sort of triangular tamale (don't know the name offhand --it's in my notes.)

I'm hoping to visit the mercado de dulces if I have time. Do you know if it's worth it when I only have a few days?

I read something --somewhere-- about a fish that is fed on achiote, which sounds intriguing.

You've given me plenty to consider. Thanks a ton!
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