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    so i have been working for the last three years in a italain restorant in the basement of a hotel. I am on my third chef ie. kitchen manager and on my days off has decided to change the way dishes are being made and ingrediants in them. may be i have just been there to long and ready to move on but now were to go where i am at. No they don't take what I say in mind, just another drone to them. could use a little worldly advise. very sarry about spelling and grammer.
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    Papajoe, you sound a little stressed by this situation, and change is hard for most of us if we are comfortable were we are.
    But, let me share this with you, After 3 years, the menu and ingrediants are due for some updating and current changes. Restaurants that level off with out any changes, begin to die. We have a more sophisticated, trendy customer nowdays, and we have to respond to stay in business. It takes team work from everyone. Make sure your input and comments are positive. Don't be the guy that is negative about the changes, the one who makes the comments belittling the ideas of others; if you do you will be left out of the loop. Don't stand there and say "it won't work to, that's a stupid idea." Say what your problem with the change is, and offer a solution. For example, "if we use Great Bear brand of gorganzola in the sauce at that temperature, it will turn the sauce a dirty gray green and become to strong; can we try sprinkling it on the dish before serving and letting it melt? Then sauce will stay white and still get the flavor"

    Are there some changes that you have always wanted to offer to a recipe? Or one that you want to share? Now is the time, to offer them.
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    Perhaps one of your primary goals should be to become #4. If you are the exec
    sous or chef de Cuisine, then, take the bull by the horns and submit a recreation
    of the existing menu. If you don't continue to learn and innovate your creativity
    will stagnate. Do not be complacent or #4 will pass you by. Perhaps a new pasta
    program. Perhaps a change from chic Italian to rustic Italian. The possibilities that
    lie within the realm of Italian cuisine are endless. One bit of advice I will offer. Be
    true to your customer base. Your personal opinions and tastes have no place in
    decisions that impact the preference of you guests. Is your customer base mostly
    from a captive audience staying in the hotel? If so then one goal is to really work
    hard to bring in business from outside the hotel. I agree that negative comments or
    feelings about what is happening in a kitchen can not only affect you, but, be
    detrimental to the morale of the entire kitchen staff. At a certain age I learned to
    appreciate change, and developed the ability to emulate the style, methods of preparation, and flavor profiles of my chef or supervisor. It is truly the biggest
    compliment. There is always the possibility that you are truly ready to move on.
    Three years is a very long time, especially if you have not been able to progress
    through the ranks of the kitchen and hotel. Many times personal growth is needed
    and many times it can be a conflict in personality with superiors. Take a long look
    at how much you enjoy what you do. Do you love the idea of being a Chef or
    do you truly love to cook? Remember loyalty, respect, and descretion are very
    important to the people you work directly under. I hope my reply was not to
    old fashioned or hardball, but, it is what it is. The best of luck to you. Don't make
    your decision to quickly.

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    it has all ways been about the customer. i have missed one day in working three years with them. i started out as prep cook and did work my way around to sous chef. but because of managment i have seen a dozen cooks go threw, 3 f and b's, 8 dish washers. i am still ther because i love to cook and i just really keap hopeing for the right crew to come and every thing to just click but tell then i work and hope for the best.