What to do with white wine?

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hey all. i have white wine sitting around in my house for weeks now and what could i cook with it? any suggestions?
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If the bottle is open.  Chuck it away.

If it is a new bottle - then add to chicken dishes - freeze any left in an ice-cube tray - and then add to any dish requiring a dash of wine.
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Is it opened or unopened?  If it's opened for weeks it may not be good anymore.  If it's unopened I usually save them in my cellar for when I do need it.

Although I mainly prefer to cook with vermouth now whenever a recipe calls for white wines, you could make risottos, white clam sauce, poached fish, various marinades, there's no end to the possibilities.
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Oooohhh I would say go ahead and cook with it.

So many things you could add that to. Do you like fish ? something nice to add to a fish dish is a beurre blanc sauce. It is a classic French butter sauce.

Many recipes on the net, very easy to make, in fact if you youtube it , you can see how easy the technique is.

Just a thought.
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its unopened around 6 dollars. should i leave it there to age or not??
It's hard to give advice when we don't know what wine it is; dry or a sweeter variation.

Before thinking of aging wine, try it first and see if it's worth it, so this means to drink it...
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You could help by being more specific about what kind of wine it is, unless you're trying to keep it a secret of course.  But your question is kind of like "I have a piece of meat, how should I cook it?"  It really all depends on what it is iykwim.
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1 - chill the wine

2 - open the bottle

3 - taste the wine

if it tastes good, finish the bottle or cook with it

if it doesn't, then throw it out

remember Keith Floyd: "If it (the wine) isn't good enough to drink, then it isn't good enough to cook with!"
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Keith Floyd, Butzy? Such good memories, excentric cook and always a "slurp" standing by! What a great personality, such a pity he's no longer with us.
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I use white wine in my onion soups, once braised a leg of lamb in about 3 bottles of it along with half a dozen heads of garlic, recently used some in a simple lemon garlic shrimp with fresh tomato pasta. Often use it for deglazing a skillet after roasting chicken in it. Like others have said, there are lots of possibilities, other than just drinking it.

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Is it a wine you're used to cooking with?  I have a favorite red, and a favorite white I cook with.  I'll throw in the Marsala here and there and whip out the port when I find it appropriate, but I've learned my lesson more than once by throwing any white wine into any dish. I was making risotto once, I had already sweat my shallot and garlic, was giving the grains of rice that quick saute, and too little too late realized my only choice of wine was moscato....it was disgusting.
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In a large rondeau combine butter, shallots and parsley, cook until shallots are translucent. Add in seafood stock and lots of salt. Then goes in 2 lbs of mussels and 2 lbs of clams, 2 lbs of 21-25 shrimp, empty the bottle of wine into the pot and cover with a lid immediately. Steam for 3 to 5 minutes until shells open and shrimp are cooked. Get a baguette, grab some beers, and call some friends over.

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