What to do with this?

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Hi to all,
Found 4 of those in Goodwill store. Suggestions how to use them?



My first idea was be to "lubricate" with some butter, sprinkle some sugar and pour in cubed apples, about 1/2 inch in size. And theon cover with a layer of pastry or tiny layer of oatmeal crust. Some kind of version of tarte tatin.

Or chicken pie?!?

Thanks for any idea!
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Hi afan!

They look like a 6oz, porcelain coated, cast iron? They look good for both of your ideas.

If they are indeed cast iron, use the properties to your advantage. Toss them in the oven, 200F or so, and use them as serving vessels, just to keep the food warm. I would have loved my own mini-skillet with warm Turkey Gravy last week.

Make a quartet of Salsas for anything that salsa is good on! Start in New Mexico, and consider food from all countries south...

Do a search for Clafoutis, if you've never made them.

Have fun!

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