what to do with purslane

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I first tasted purslane in Nice, tossed in and around an omelette. The waiter only knew the French name and was sure it was untranslatable, but we found out that pourpier was purslane. I bought some seeds and it just started coming up yesterday! :bounce: But other than tossing it in salads and omelettes, I really don't know what to do with it. Any ideas or recipes?

Here's a link to a picture:
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Because Purslane is crunchy and has a cooling effect it's excellent mixed with stronger herb salads or micro greens.

You can make pickels with them and add a nice flavor to soups.

I like it tossed with burnett and beet greens with goat cheese and pancetta,

Sorrel and purslane work well together mixed with kasha

Have fun and be creative:
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