What to do with LOTS of rendered bacon fat.

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Butter milk Chicken in bacon fat will do the trick. Done this before with excess bacon fat. Be prepared.... You would want to finish it all by yourself.
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It's funny to see the old threads recycled.

Here's an odd use..........as lubricant for drilling into metal (mainly stainless steel). About 12 years ago, a Maintenance Director of the community I was Executive Food and Beverage Services Director showed me this technique. Darnedest thing....something about the bacon fat makes it ideal for lubricating the drill-bit and, since that day, I have yet to destroy a bit when I'm drilling into metal of any type.
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Pork fat and animal fat in general was a preferred machine tool lube in the old days.  They would set the rendered fat in a warm place for a few days so the heavier, less desireable elements would settle out and coagulate at the bottom.  Not much worth the smelly gooy mess nowadays given what you can easily get like fast-tap and the like.

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hi my name is chef jim nice to talk to a fellow chef what i would do with bacon fat is make a nice cajun roux half bacon fat half flour and cook till it is a dark golden brown then i would aadcelery greenpeppersandonions and simmer for about 10 minuts andaddchicken stockgarlic tomato sauces white wine fresh chopped parersly tabasco sauceand fresh diced chicken meat simmer for 15minutes and you have a nice chicken gumbo soup 
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Been a long time...

"...maybe I'll fry some chicken. Never done that in bacon fat."

It's been done...

[h2]Down the Road a Piece[/h2]
By Freddie Slack With the Will Bradley Trio, Freddie Slack

If you want to hear some Boogie, then I know the place
It's just an old piano and a knocked out bass
The drummer man's a guy they call eight beat Mac
You remember Doc and old Beat Me Daddy Slack
Mammy's sellin' chicken fried in bacon grease
Well come along with me boys it's just down the road a piece.

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Way back on the first page someone recommended to use for refried beans.

Just a tip for those who love them but have a problem with the extra dietary fat.

If you use ham hocks or leftover ham bone/fatty pieces to flavor the beans during cooking there is no need to refry in fat of any sort.

Just plop the beans into a nonstick skillet (med high heat) and smash with a silicone potato masher adding a bit of water (or a ham stock if the beans are needing a bit more salt) to get the texture you want.

Easy peasy and not greasy!



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Bacon/chicken/turkey fat - how about some potato pancakes - sweet potato, zuke, spinach, mashed. Freeze em for later. Top with smoked salmon, creme fraiche or sour cream and fresh dill. Caviar if you got it.

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