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Because my husband's grandmother died, he will be spending Thanksgiving week in another state, and I will be spending Thanksgiving with a very generous family from my church. When they invited me, they said, "We have a ham and a turkey." Now, I am a vegetarian. If I were to bring one dish that would fit in with the typical Thanksgiving meal, maindishlike, but without meat, what would you suggest?

Typically this is not a problem when I am cooking, but I don't even know if there will be a single dish without meat. I didn't want to say that I was a vegetarian to her, because she had already done her shopping and it was very nice of her to invite me because they barely know me. It seems ridiculous to demand something as a guest.

Any suggestions?

Of course, I will bring a yummy dessert, but I am so much better at dessert making than main dishes, and I will also bring some cranberry nut bread as a gift. I just want to make sure I can eat something!



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I'd think a good soup would fit in well. A Minestrone or other harvesty soup with beans is what would fill my cravings and should mesh well with the meal and theme.

Maybe an enchilada platter: bean and rice filing with a spicy smooth pumpkin puree sauce? No recipe, just winging it here. Could be a very dramatic dish in presentation.

A harvest "tangine" over couscous. Basically a ratattouille (I know I spelled that wrong) with some dried fruit and lemon could go well.



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How about a dish of sweet potato (or squash) gnocchi in a sage butter, grilled vegetable ravioli in a Blue Cheese cream sauce, or ragu (or stew) of root vegetables spiced with a touch of chipotle pepper. Though these dishes aren't "traditional" T-Day fair, I think they fit quite well with the rest of a traditional meal. Ok-maybe the ravioli is a bit of a stretch, but I think it goes well.
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Succotash! I've done a version with corn, beans, chayote (or other squash), tomatoes, onion, garlic, jerusalem artichokes, and a little bit of minced chilies, that can be a meal in itself. I usually add some sort of meat, but it really doesn't need it.

Sweat the onions and garlic. Dice the squash and jerusalem artichokes, add to pot with tomatoes (canned work fine) and chilies, then add cooked beans (drained rinsed canned are okay) and corn (again, canned will work) and simmer. Season with salt and pepper. There you have it!

PS: sorry about your husband's loss.
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Yes, tell her immediately that you are a vegetarian, not to give your host(ess) a clue is even more ridiculous, not to mention selfish. She will pull out the stops and there's a fair chance you'll sit there and eat very little or none of it. How friendly is that? Tell her you're a vegetarian but that you'll bring a maindish that all can share in addition to what she has provided, and then good luck on your choice
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Typical Thanksgiving Fare....turkey, stuffing, cranberries, mashed, sweet pot, green veg, green salad, rolls....everything except the turkey could be vegetarian....dairy is pretty good with the mashed though.

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