What title should I use?

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So this has been brought up quite a few times, however I can't seem to find one that fits close to what I am searching for. Alright, so I am going a local cooking show in my area and was asked what title i would like to use. I am officially confused as to which one would fit best. 

Long story short, I am currently in school to have a bachelor's degree in Culinary Management and graduate in 6 months. Leaving there I would be a certified chef. However, I also own my own storefront and as the co-owner I manage the menus, costing, purchasing etc etc. But the storefront is a cafe/cakery not a full-service restaurant. 

Not too sure if I fall under Chef, Pastry Chef, as I do feel that I haven't "earned" that yet as I am still a student and do not have years of experience as a chef in a restaurant. 

So I am confused as to what to answer the lady with? Yes I am trained as a classical chef, but I have not graduated yet. My business handles more desserts and breakfast than dinner and lunch. I do know mother sauces, knife and skills and am pretty damn good in the kitchen but that's not what I do for a living yet. 

Any advice? 

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Definitely not coffee shop owner haha. As we don't make a plethora of coffee drinks and alternatives
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Just go with chef or pastry chef, what'e the big deal? You own a pastry business, are responsible for menu, costing, staffing, production, etc...lots of chefs didn't go to school who call themselves chefs. 

Who cares...
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Call yourself anything that makes you happy. You can call yourself the "Queen of Sweeden" if you like. Whatever it is is whatever it is. If your product is good high-quality stuff ... and you produce and sell a lot of it ... you call yourself profitable. If not ... you call yourself unemployed. ​
Trust me on this ... I'm not being a snotty wise-cracker. I'm just saying that all we're talking about here are vocabulary words. They mean a lot to some people and little to others. ​
I know I spelled Sweden wrong ... It was a JOKE.     
"We work in kitchens ... It ain'te rocket surgery."
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Hey, I've met the queen of Sweden and I've cook her dinner. Eknights4 ain't no queen of Sweden [emoji]128526[/emoji]

I'm a smart ass too.
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just saw this, but a a week in here can be an eternity. lol

Pastry Chef.
or by virtue of ownership, if you wanna embroider something
more authoritative on your jacket, Executive Pastry Chef...
or simply Executive Chef.

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