What Thermometer Are You Using?

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My cheap $20 candy thermometer has seen it's last day. I am looking for an instant read digital thermometer that is safe for sugar syrups but can also be used as an all around thermometer for the savory side of the kitchen where I spend 95% of my time (frying oil, large roasts, sabayons etc.). One that can fit in a chef's jacket sleeve would be a big plus too.

Any recommendations? Price isn't too much of a concern so long as it suits my needs well and performs accurately. I'm seeing many mixed reviews on thermometers online so I'm apprehensive to purchase without some input. Thanks.
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A thermapen can do both, but you can't leave it in the syrup.  You can look the probe-type thermometers, Bed Bath and Beyond has them for $30 or $40 and in our kitchen even with careful use, we have to replace the probe about once a year or so.
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What you have to remember is that the size of the the theromometer tip is what determines the reading. Thus a tiny tip will only provide a small sampleling of the general temperture. You can stick 10 different thermometers into a pot of biling water, and each thermometer will give you a diferent reading.

What all this really means is, choose the themometer with the biggest bulb, usually this means an alcohol type therometer.

Hope this helps....
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I use my thermapen a lot.

When we cook sugar which we do a lot, Crap, I can't remember the name, but it has a separate probe that attaches to the side of the pan so that it extends towards the middle of the pan. It's got some nice bells and whistles. You can set the alarm to when the sugar is approaching the desired temp. It's very cool, the alarm is graduated and gets louder the closer you get to temp. It's made of some kind of synthetic so it won't form crystals. The probe is not something you would want to carry around but the the probe is double sided  and can be inserted into the  the stick type. The stick can be used separately. The probe has an inline reader and alarm so you don't have to use the stick if you don't want. The probe is pretty long so if you're preparing molds for pouring or something you can watch the progress. It wasn't too expensive as I recall. I'm assuming I got it at ChefRubber, or Pastrychef.com. For health concerns we still use sugar and very rarely us an isomalt type product.
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