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I had a great interview today with The Center for Culinary Arts in Cromwell CT. They are opening a brand new campus about 15 minutes from where I live and they got my name through a head hunter.

Here's the deal. 4 day work week (Double on Wed) Fri/Sat & Sundays off.

4 weeks paid vacation from the get go,The College follows all University vacation schedules.

Tha Campus is beautiful,with new state of the art kitchens and equipment. I would teach all phases of culinary arts from classic French to modern American and everything that falls between.
HACCP,Serve Safe, Food History,Labor and food costs etc.

Heres the down side. A very large pay cut......I have to be able to pay the bills and support my family,Maybe I can work a nice part time gig.

The school does some catering in which the chef gets a flat rate of $300,that could help,and maybe some private catering?

I just don't know what to do. The job is great and is one of my goals in my career.

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Could you tell us what the pay actually is? You don't say how much you make now or how much of a loss you would be taking. Given the low pay in the industry in general, I'm very curious as to how much lower it can go.
Without knowing that, all I can say is that it's entirely up to you. Sounds like a great job but as you said, there are bills to pay. Are any other benefits involved like health care, paid days off, discounts on tools, free lunch, etc? Do you get unemployment when the university is closed for summer and holidays?
Limited day schedule with weekends and holidays and four week paid vacation for X amount of money versus standard restaurant hours and pay while working weekends and holidays and no paid vacation for Y amount of money.
What age group would you be teaching? Are the other staff members and administration supportive and knowledgeable as far as you know? Is it a good team effort?
You could take the job for a few years as a resume builder Or you might decide you really enjoy it.
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That just boils down to what you want/need more from your work. If you can survive decently well and get all that extra time with family, that sounds amazing. That's coming from my perspective as a father of a 2 and 4 year old...time with family is something that can't be earned later. If I've learned anything from this Covid business, it is that I am able to survive comfortably on much less than I had been and that time with my kids is invaluable.
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