What should I do with all this dairy?

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I recently made chowder for a large family gathering, but over-estimated the amount of milk and cream I would need, and now I have a surplus. Any ideas for what I can use it for so that it doesn't go bad? Cream soups or something?
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Cream can be used for whipping and on top of all kinds of things and you could make it into homemade butter(save the buttermilk to make fried chicken). Milk could be used to make potato soup, beer cheese soup, little bit in mashed potatoes, most pancake/waffle(freeze well! Reheat in waffle iron!) recipes call for it. Pudding and custards also...
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Pasticchio or moussaka with a very generous layer of bechamel.

Mac n cheese

Custard for trifle

Make mozzarella or ricotta

Rice pudding

Milk pudding

Panna cotta


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You might try freezing the milk in ice cube trays, etc and use as needed. There are several tips on the web re same.

Use it in French toast, in coffee, soups, sauces (white for pasta or veg lasagna), pink (tomato vodka), Alfredo, baking or everyday cooking needs.

Or, pour a tall cold glass, and dunk your oreos in it.

Licuados are another option - milk, fruit and ice - a Latin American sort of smoothie. Wanted to share a link for the got milk site, but no longer able to find it.
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