WHat rank should I go for?

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I'm looking for some advice on what position I should go for now.
Please note I am asking about the English System which is different from the America system. We don't use the term line cook we call a beginner chef a Commis then the next rank is a CDP with some places having a Demi CDP in between.
So I am asking the question to chefs who understand he English system.

So I recently did a temporary stint in a fine dining Hotel. I have around 3 years experience. Right now I would say I would be confident in starters and deserts in most places. I wouldn't be confident on the sauce section or the pass. Although I do know how to do a lot of stuff in sauce running it and doing to the right standard is another thing. So I couldn't say I could run it.
So I'm not sure if I should go for a CDP position yet or not. Although I have met CDP's with less skill than me. I suppose it largely depends on what the place wants. Some places are happy with that others want you to be able to run the pass and sauce section.
So should I go for a Commis position or a CDP? OR should I just ask what the individual place wants from a CDP?
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You're right in that it depends on the place.

A chef de partie at some place is just some cook that has a little more experience than the entry level cook, and s/he got that title just to go with his/her raise on the pay scale.

At other places, a chef de partie is a super skilled cook that is highly respected in the kitchen.
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Go for the highest position your skills and knowledge will allow. Its the only way you are going to grow as a professional.

Incidentally, the kitchen brigade system is not unheard of in the US. :)
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I think you can go for CDP, you will be able to run a section and you will not be expected to know everything. Confidence chrisbristol, confidence....
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Regardless of the system, pick whichever station you are confident in doing, then go for the one above it. The general requirements of each station are the same-cleanliness, organization- while the specifics may differ. You won't learn by not doing.
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