what oil is the best for deep fryer?

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Hi. I live in Ukraine and mostly we use sunflower oil for deep fryer but it starts foaming very fast!

What kind of oil do you use? and after how many days it starts foaming?

Do you test the oxidation level of your oil with 3M or any other tester? When I tested oil in my fryer I figured out that it started foaming before it became oxidized. What is about yours?  
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I'm not sure about sunflower oil as I've never used it, but it has a high smoke point and I wouldn't guess that it would go bad prematurely.  How long/often is the oil being used before it starts to foam?

I have rarely seen oil foam in my career...so I may not be much help.
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here in Germany I buy my deep-frying oil from a specialist supplier that provides long-life oil, delivers the fresh stuff and collects the old, paying me around 20 Euro cents per litre returned. This oil, rapeseed with a small percentage of palm oil, never foams and lasts a fairly long time. I have used cheap sunflower or rapeseed oil in the past and it would froth after a few days of use.

If you can get it in the Ukraine, use oil specifically developed for deep frying.


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