what now?

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my 12'X12' raised bed of roma, cherry tomatoes, basil, cucumbers,
now done. What next??? it will be warm till oct. 65 at holloween,hot now.
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Retill your soil after you pull up the spent plants and plant some winter squash and some root veggies.

I would need to check a couple of my books to get a feel for Texas and what grows well.

How about assorted chilies?
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squash sounds great. assorted peppers have their own home. 8-9 generation tobasco, habs,etc.
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You could probably get a second crop of basil going - if you're not inundated already! Same for cilantro and parsley. Oh, and chives, too.

Think about all the 'cooler' crops like lettuces, broccoli, cabbage, kale/collards/mustard greens; maybe some beets (even if you only get the greens to use in salad).

You can also plant garlic in the fall for a spring/summer harvest next year.
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How long does it stay warm? 65 at Halloween means it could be what- still in the 50s in December? When you you get a heavy frost?

Onions, gr. onions, carrots, celery, bok choy, potatos, pea pods, all herbs, lettuces...all do well in 65 degree weather.

I personally think anything from the cabage family (broc. cali. cabbage) does even better with a 50 degree climate or less.

Double check your packages to see how many days until harvest any item takes and judge if your weather will hold out. Some items are much quicker crops then others, duh.......

Luck you.....we can hardly grow some items because our seasons change temp.s so fast.
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