What? No St. Pats dinner thread?

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Surely someone here will be making their yearly corned beef with or without cabbage!

We're going to try the cabbage in wedges and still have it crunchy instead of soggy...

I'm sure vinegar will come into play somewhere.

What about you?
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corned beef is another one of those things i'd rather not eat. yuck. i have really bad childhood memories of my mom trying to make me eat it. i am making a really good soda bread though...
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The last time I had corned beef, I was five and it was in the school cafeteria. It was red with gray fuzzy stuff on it. Havent had it since. How about chili and cabbage? That I can handle.
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well we're having corned beef! so that's at least one household out there! :lol I throw the cabbage in in wedges and it does help somewhat...don't use vinegar though (???)
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We thought about having Corned Beef today(which I love)....

Decided on having a nice big juicy steak instead.....

I will toast the Irish with a couple pints of Guiness tonight.

Remember....."if it takes at least ten minutes to pour, and has a head that looks like an Italian Meringue"....then it is done right!!!

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Well, me and my family just chowed down on some corn beef and cabbage, dilled potatoes and carrots.

a couple of pints (IPA, I can't deal with stout) some horseradish and mustard and rye bread (hate soda bread too)
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We also had the traditional corned beef, cabbage and potatoes, but with corn bread instead of soda bread. My husband is a big corn bread fan. I cooked the cabbage in wedges too:) Vinegar is very good with this dish, for those who haven't tried it.
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Just got back from a slow food convivium...."let's get stewed"
there was veal blanquette, pork and prune, pork white bean and olive, Thai curry, chicken with potatoes....I made stewed prunes in Earl Grey Tea with vanilla bean, dillweed chive biscuits and cornbread with sorghum and Plugra. It was held at Azucarte and Julie made a hazelnut daquise chocolate cake butter cream thingy...lemon apricot bars, chocolate dried cherry cookies, rosemary pinenut shortbread <second time I've had these this week???? what's the deal?> anyway it was a super time and the food was great.
I thought about cornbeef, does that count?
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made killer soda bread and boiled in beer dinner, we started with osso bucco apps. kind of an odd mix, no?


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Though, I don't hate corn beef and cabbage, I could go my whole life without ever eating it, which is very strange since one of my favorite things in the whole world is a good ruben (aka corned beef and cabbage (sourkraut) on a bun)!!!

I have to laugh at America's preoccupation with corned beef and cabbage on St. Pat's day. It is something I have never understood. Even German Oktoberfests don't seem to have the power to draw so many people together, to think about a culture, that for 364 days of the year, they don't give a passing thought to.
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I don't eat meat (except fish and shellfish) very often, but I get very excited when corned beef goes on sale. I've always liked corned beef and it can be difficult to find at other times of the year. I usually buy several packages around St. Patrick's Day and freeze for sandwiches and hash during other times of the year.

I'm far from being Irish; however, I do wear lots of green and I cooked my corned beef last night. I wasn't hungry at dinner time, so I put it in the fridge. I cooked the veggies this morning and I'm having corned beef, cabbage and other veggies for lunch. I was going to have that for dinner tonight as well, but the doggies got at the cooling veggies while I was doing my hair. When I went to put the veggies in the fridge, the plastic container was on the floor, all the carrots were gone, green beans were getting scarfed down and the potatoes had been tossed aside. I'm just glad the cabbage wedges were still cooking at that time and they didn't eat any. That would have caused a nightmare to their digestive tract and a nightmare for my carpet.

Back to the corned beef, I bought a corned beef round this year because it's leaner, but it's not as good as regular brisket -- ended up way drier and tougher than l expected. Should I have cooked it differently or should I just avoid buying round vs. brisket? I simmered it at a low temp for a couple of hours. With brisket, it was usually falling apart tender at that point. The round was more expensive, too.
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i buy the cheapest cut of corned beef on the planet and boil it in half beer half water for 3 hours with bay leaf, clove, tyme, pepper corns, paprika, and lots of garlic and onions. after 2 hours i add cabbage, brussel sprouts, carrots, potatoes and more garlic some salt and celery.

can you say yum?

let the liquid cook down and pour over the works as a sauce.

don't forget the soda bread!!!
frugel gourmet says.............

6 cups flour
3 tbl starch
2 tsp baking soda
2 tsp baking powder
2 1/4 cups butter milk
1 tbl sugar
2 tsp salt
(i added a 1/4 cup of yogurt too)
dry in food processor for a few seconds, add the butter milk and work to a dough, cut in half and form beautiful rounds of dough, set on greased sheet pan for ten min then bake 375 for 40 min.
i added raisins and caraway seeds to one and let the other go plain.

to dye (green) for!!!


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I make corned beef quite often, but I have a slight problem. I don't inject it with brining liquid, and no matter how long I leave it in the brine, there's always a layer of uncorned beef right under the middle layer of fat. So whenever I have corned beef, it turns out to be a fusion of corned beef/pot roast! :)

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corned beef? im rather curious, and somewhat ignorant. Ive eaten the stuff for years and it seems that it is one of the obligatory Aus dishes. Especially with a white sauce with chopped parsley.

Anyway, so Risa, you've been adopted either by the Aussies or the bluey (blue cattle dogs) either way im rather intrigued.
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