What Next? Thinking about return to the industry.

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Not sure if this is going into the right forum but here it goes.  I just finished all of my prereqs towards a career in the medical field and I'm currently waiting for acceptance.  In the event that I do not get into my nursing program I have to have a plan B. 

I've worked in the restaurant industry for several years both as a cook and in salaried management, all of my experience has been on the job training though.  I would like to obtain a degree in something related to food/hospitality, and I have enough college credits to obtain a bachelors degree in two years.

I've looked at the programs that my local university offers (I am not able to transfer to a different area, but the university in my area is in a hospitality town)  I do not like what I see in the bachelors degree program as it does not offer as much hands on training as an AA in culinary arts.

I tell myself that I can obtain better cooking skills at home combing through the textbooks, and that a bachelors in hospitality would be better, however a culinary instructor told me that a bachelors degree would be better.  Being in the industry its hard for me to believe that a bachelors degree would be better though since I have seen many chefs come through restaurant doors with an AA and skills.

Currently I do not aspire to be anything but administration for back of the house, chef or sous chef.  I do want to work at a large resort though, I have worked at them before and their benefits are amazing.

Right now I'm working in healthcare and its pretty boring, I do not work with people with the same work ethic as restaurant people.  I do enjoy the hours that healthcare offers though, and the extra time has enabled me to fuel other activities.  Another benefit is that the hours are MUCH better than in the restaurant industry.  Although I do not think that my hours will get better either way since I aspire to be administration in healthcare also.

So which is it BS degree or AA in culinary degree?  Both will take me two years.
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