What music do you like to listen to while cooking?

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when my girlfriend isn't home i listen to jazz like miles, trane, herbie hancock and others stuff like grateful dead, and lots of funk like james brown, sly, prince and funkadelic.

what do ya'll listen to when you're throwing down some food at home?
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a fine mix of heavy metal, classic rock, punk, and the occasional old hits mixed in, La Vie en Rose for example.
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Mostly classical, although I am presently listening to Jamie Cullum and Paolo Nuttini.
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I really enjoy these two songs he is jamming with his band.

Growing up Beside you


Pencil full of lead

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9wBJUnGPvq4 ....oh best of all I got my baby.....dance this in the kitchen......

And of course ...Candy !

And Alloway Grove.....the ending which you can only listen to on his CD as its not on youtube....well the very last part of that song.... it just brings tears.....I typed them out and they are on my desk at home.
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I usually love the quiet, but sometimes, especially if i have a long day of cooking ahead, like for a party, i like choral music, played loudly - Bach, mainly, but also others, as long as it's baroque.  And the best is to sing along. 
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Don't know if Paolo's version of 'Caledonia' is on Youtube - I like his version!


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It all depends on my mood and who is home.  If it's just me and I'm jacked up then it is hardcore industrial (KMFDM, Ministry, Front 242, etc.) or old school and 80's punk (The Clash, New York Dolls, The Pixies, Sonic Youth, etc).  If I'm feeling upbeat maybe some new swing or Frank and the Boys.  If the daughter and/or wife is home then I'm probably listening to Top 40.  If I'm doing something mindless and repetative then I might go for something with a little more trip-hop or late night lounge feel (Massive Attack, Tricky, Hooverphonic, Ministry of Sound).  If I'm feeling a little ethnic then I usually reach for stuff with a latin or island beat, or most usually the Gipsy Kings.
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Good music Pete....

I was just checking my emails and someone sent me this video. These 3 boys are teens, and sound just like

Luciano Pavarotti

Jose Carreras

Placido Domingo....singing " O Sole Mio "....


Beautiful....plain and simple.

Now Boudabar has come out with a bunch of CD's which I really enjoy listening to. It does not stick to one country but a flavor of many countries., just a sample....but some of the tunes are so calming and enchanting....

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Ah Petals, That was lovely. Whod've thought 3 boys could carry that off!

Long time no speak how things. Good to see u.

Music just now is Florence and the machine she's amazing. Chopin piano conchertos and jim Croce. Inbetween bbc radio 1
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Great choices - haven't listened to KMFDM in ages - I think I'm going to have to bust some of my old cd's out  /img/vbsmilies/smilies/biggrin.gif
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Anything really, but there was a time when I would listen only to a 4CD set of 1930s/40s recordings of Brahms symphonies.
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Depending what station I'm working, if it's Larder, I listen to whatever is playing in the restaurant which is generally Frank Sinatra, etc, because the Larder in our kitchen is open to the restaurant. But if I'm working on dessert or doing prep on the dessert section, I plug in my iPod, listen to Metal, Hardcore, Dubstep, UK Hardcore, anything that plays, get's me well into the prep mood, especially when it's a quiet service, so the other apprentice watches larder while I do about 8 hours of prep.
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Depends on the mood but lately it has been Mumford and Sons and Alternative stations on Pandora. I like the British Invasion station too.

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