What microgreens are you growing?

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I've started growing Basil Microgreens and I absolutely love them. They're SO easy to grow, and add great flavor to just about everything. What Microgreens are you growing, and what's your favorite dish to use them in?
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By the way, what is microgreens? I haven't encountered that term yet. /img/vbsmilies/smilies//biggrin.gif
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By the way, what is microgreens? I haven't encountered that term yet. /img/vbsmilies/smilies//biggrin.gif

Microgreens are herbs and/or salads which are grown with the sole purpose of being picked whilst very young. They are exactly the same as regular herbs and salads only in miniature form. Microgreens are very big on flavour, for instance a micro red chard will look and taste the same as red chard only it will be a miniature version with a much more intense flavour. Used mostly in high end cooking they can really lift a plate's appearance and dramatically improve presentation. This link has some good images.

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Not quite, Bazza.

While your definition fits the conventional chef's view, there is a technical difference between micro-greens and mini-greens. You've described the latter.

Micro greens are grown to the point where the cotyledums and, at most, one set of true leaves appear. Being as it's hard to grow things uniformly, nobody would say anything if a second set of leaves showed on some of the plants. But once you get beyond that, you have mini-greens.

From a culinary standpoint, of course, this makes no never mind. Both of them are used as you've described, and in other ways as well.
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What micro-greens are you growing?

I used to grow separate flats of individual greens. Nowadays I just go with a commercial mesclun mix instead. The one I'm currently using is a mix of Arugula, Red Russian, Endive, Chervil, Raddichio, Red Romaine, Bibb, and Green Salad Bowl.
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