What is your targeted labor P.C.?

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I'm simply curious what the targeted labor cost in your kitchens is, not counting salaried employees. I am required to run 10% and nothing more (if I want to keep my job). My targeted food cost is 24.5%. Where are you guys at? I generally staff heavy and then cut as the shift progresses; people are always anxious to go home early. Do you guys do the same?


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I also have to keep labor at 10% or below where I am at now, but have been at places where we were allowed up to 16%. This was a very fine dining restaurant and presentations were very complex. As for food cost, 24.5 wow! I have never had to keep it that low. Right now we have to fall under 35%, but we do this because the owners want us to run lots of high end item. Lots of game, expensive mushrooms etc. We don't run many low end items such as chicken instead we use guinea hen and capon which is much more expensive. The lowest I've ever had to run is 27%.
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