What is your favorite thing to cook?

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I love to prepare and serve what I call Drunken Chicken, basically a variation on a recipe from Steve Raichlen. I rub down the buttered chicken with my own rub, then use a commercial holder and a half can of beer, with a tablespoon of the rub poured in it. The bird(s) are then placed in my cooker/smoker, set up for indirect cooking with mesquite lump charcoal. I sprinkle the coals with Jack Daniels Old No. 7 firespice, made up of ground up oak barrels used to age the whisky. As the chicken(s) cook, I rotate them to see all sides are equally cooked, and spray them with apple cider. Everyone I have served this dish to raves over it, and it was instrumental in my being awarded my Award of Arms in the Society for Creative Anachronism, where I was serving as Feastocrat at an event.
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Seared sea scallops with a white wine reduction. Lots of flavor. Not a lot of effort to prepare. Goes great with basmati rice in coconut milk.
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Like April I like preparing meats. And tubs of roast veg. And prawns and scollops are very high on my list. Lobster too. I love cooking mussells, but don't eat them.
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Wow! Big Raves! I made this for the kitchen crew last night, it was wonderful. I didn't have the recipe with me, but I had read it (wouldn't have mattered anyway........ I always set a recipe down and build the "concept") I had grabbed the self rising flour by mistake, so didn't drain the toms after the first roasting, but dish was still very moist. We all dreamed of being on veranda, over looking the water, wearing sunglasses, eating this with a chilled glass of wine. Alas, we stood around the kitchen watching it pour rain.

I haven't enjoyed anything so much in a long time. Thanks
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I like braising short ribs and shanks. When my kitchen is done and I have my new Wolf range I'm hoping to get very good at it. It will be nice to have a the power to actually brown the meat first.


I like muskies. I caught one this morning.
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I like cooking different international cuisines but it's really hard to beat rice and gravy. My favorite is probably pork butt steaks in a beautiful brown gravy with either sweet peas, macque choux, or green beans w/ tasso and potatoes. I almost forgot I love stewed sweet and spicy tomatoes w/ tasso.
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I just love to cook. I get bored with the same ole thing everyday so love to experiment with new ideas of my own. Unfortunately, my budget doesn't always allow me to cook as I would like......one of the prices I pay for being a stay at home mom.

When the weather is warmer, I love to smoke meats on the offset woodburner. Creating new rubs and sauces to go with it is lots of fun.
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I don't have any one thing that I love to cook over another. Right now I like anything braised, or Asian and making bread. In a couple of weeks who knows :confused: , keeps the family on their toes though.
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