What is your favorite frying oil ?

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My question is what is your favorite oil for fried foods ? I go back to the days of lard and crisco type oils . Remember Mcdonalds french fries 20 years ago ? I know that fried foods are unhealthy when consumed frequently but if eaten in moderation there ok .
So why do we do all this canola stuff ? I dont like it or its flavor .
Give me some good tempura veggies and shrimp fried in peanut oil . Fried catfish filets in the same . Use a little lard or suet !Yum!
And duck fat just rules ! OK , enough rant , whats your spin on oil!
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I am a big fan of peanut oil... especially for French fries. The flavor is unmistakable. I have, however, had the pleasure of having potatoes fried in horse fat. It isn't all that popular here, but elsewhere, it seems to be a bit more accepted. Fantastic flavor! If you have ever have the opportunity, by all means, try it.
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Mine is peanut oil.

someone mentioned MacDonalds. Well, I remember in the very early 60's hitchhiking in South Gate, near Los Angeles, getting rides from hair-boys down Tweedy Boulevard. Who here knows what a hair-boy is/was.

Well, mickey d's was no more than a few million served and the fries and shakes were out of this world. Gimme' some more James Brown, 93 KHJ, golden.

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Peanut oil, sesame oil, lard, or bacon fat,depending on what I am frying. Potatoes fried in bacon fat are fantastic.
Canola oil has a strange odor to me.


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Bacon fat rules!!! Then again so does Duck Fat!!! For everyday frying you can't beat peanut oil though.


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PEANUT #1 thus the best! The only problem is its temp break point, very very low! The best for high end appitizers. Olive is great for Pastas, Sesame for FREE! ;-)

French Fries: Plain old Lard, also great for all Cajun gumbos and creoles...

Now if we were doing Kentucky Style Deep Fried Chicken, then nothing beats Crisco!

Roasting potatoes: Nothing beats Clarified Bacon Fat.... drooool...

Many methods with many flavors, thats what keeps it interesting....

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Oh, gosh. It depends. I will confess to using canola for deep-frying at home, or canola plus cheap olive oil. Otherwise, for sautéing: sometimes clarified butter, sometimes decent olive oil, sometimes duck or chicken fat, or even :eek: bacon fat or lard. It all depends on the flavor I want.

In case you haven't guessed, I have many, many fats in my fridge, along with the many many condiments :blush:

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