What is your favorite Costing, Menu, Inventory Software?

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Good Day All,

I have been a chef since 2009. I started a healthy foods company that delivers meals to clients. My training only goes so far and I am currently looking into having an excel sheet that I can use to cost my recipes, track inventory, cost of menus, etc. Since i am in my beginning stages I was wondering if anyone has any generous recommendations of what to use. Is there propietary software out  there I could buy. Or can anyone point of where I can download an excel sheet.

Thanks for any suggestions you may have..

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A lot of people use ChefTec. I am part and partial to the ordering platform my company provides with our ordering system. Totalllllllly not trying to be biased, just stating my experience. Check with your broadline distributor; they should have a platform that can help you.

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