What is your favorite cooking utensil (s) of all time?

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And also, have you ever thought of any new utensils that you wish existed? Or do you find yourself having to make up your own solution to treating food, cooking methods etc?
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Can you identify a cooking tool that has an opportunity for improvement or is lacking something?


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Might be good to start it off by telling us yours. Mine is my chefs knife.
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Apart from knives, I would have to say tongs. I use them for everything from stirring to juicing citrus. Also love my wooden spoons.
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Oh! sorry! Well apart from my knife, I like my wooden mortar because my favorite food of all time is mofongo! I  use it at least once a week. I also like my tongs.
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First and four most are the ones that grow off the ends of my wrists. Seriously; fingers and hands are my favorite kitchen tools.

After that, it should go without saying, my knives.

I never gave this much thought, cuz I use all my tools and utensils about equally. So I take the approach, if I had to give one up, which would I most miss. Looking at it that way, I offer tongs as a hesitant third place.
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I would be lost without at least one pressure cooker.  After that, I don't know.   Knives are knives, spoons are spoons, and never the twain shall meet?

Oh,  yes, also my molcajete & tejelote.  Stone age blender...it rocks! 
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i don't think that knives(sharp) even need to be mentioned, for obvious reasons...do like ky's hand and fingers answer...cool......two things i use everytime i cook or do anything in the kitchen every single day, are tongs and rubber spats...love  them both equally... wish there was a better potholder for the oven...something not so bulky, definately not silicone or those awful mitt thingys... while bar rags are okay for stove top pots, they are a little thin for commercial oven use i use thick washcloths for that...

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It would have to be pizza scissors, most def.

Can't live without 'em.  But who could?  /img/vbsmilies/smilies/crazy.gif

Seriously though, even though there's nothing "pro" about Westmark's slotted spatula/tongs, and while I could live without them, I love them. 

In case it's not obvious, the tongs come apart and become two... wait for it... spatulas.  Working two together gives you a lot of surface which can be helpful with big pieces.  The spatulas themselves are slightly curved, and when they're put together as tongs, they can be oriented to squeeze or cup.  Where they really shine is as fish and schnitzel tongs...so gentle. 

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that pizza scissor is AMAZING! where do i get one???

seriously, i can't wait to show that to the boys at work. that is f-ing funny!

favorite utensils are my knives....until the pizza scissors get here.
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I love my kitchen scissors. I cut fat off of meat with it, chopped herbs, etc

I love them

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