What is your dessert ?

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I have a little bit of a sweet tooth......

I realize that not every meal must end with a dessert (even though I was raised that way), but there are some favorites from when I was a child until now.

Top 5 are.... (the list would be longer but...)
  1. Crème brûlée made with Cointreau and orange zest (rested in fridge for 24 hrs)
    Poached pears in red wine with chocolate sauce
    Maple chiffon pie
    Lemon tart
    Strawberries Romanoff

Is there a dessert you enjoy alot ?

ps. an apple on the run....
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Desserts...I don't generally indulge, but if I were to make a list (of what someone else could make for me - I am not a good sweets cook :) )...it would be:

1. Panacotta
2. Black Forest Gateaux
3. Filled brandy snaps
4. Baklava
5. Rum and raisin icecream - great on hot summer's day

Petals...I thought you would have more chocolate in your list :)

I've heard of people who love desserts that rather than having a starter, main and dessert, they just have 3 courses - all desserts hehe. What a way to go!
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Well...................let the truth be told..................

I have two verrrrry small squares of Lindt (usually orange) 70 % a day, just to take the edge off....
Because they say a little is good for you !

And who am I to challenge that ? Right.
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I love making desserts for other people, but I'd rather have the cheese board.

Saying that, I do have my favourites:-

Rhubarb crumble
Pecan and toffee roulade
Tart au citron
Clootie dumpling
Baked rice pudding ~Must have a thick nutmegy skin on top
hot thick custard (made with custard powder) served with well chilled jelly (jello)
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butterscotch/caramel usually over chocolate....

Pudding, loads of nuts

Ice Cream/sorbet....

Pie. warm pie with ice cream, butterscotch pie with whipped cream, berry pie, coconut pie, lemon pie, bourbon pecan pie, cherry pie, sweet potato bourbon pie....pie....well ok or crustade

Brittle or Toffee with creamy goo....mascarpone with nutella & booze....

Coffee Eclairs

Coconut Chocolate pretty much anything....add toasted almonds just cus.

Crepes, crepes with creamy goo and topped with warm fruit goo

Cookies, triple spicy ginger, butterscotch almond, warm chocolate chip, chocolate bacon cookies (hot chocolate in Chicago)

* my mexican chocolate marshmallows, toasted....not braggin' just fact mam.
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I adore making puds - but don't usually eat them nowadays.

Some family favourites include

Apple snow
Eve's Pudding
Gooseberry fool (or rhubarb or raspberry)
Eton Mess
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I don't recognize a lot of the desserts mentioned above. What is a clootie?

My favorites are:

- cinammon apple pie with custard
- carrot cake with lots of cream cheese frosting
- yellow cake with dark chocolate frosting
- blueberry pound cake
- hot glazed krispy kreme doughnuts (don't judge me too harshly)
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A clootie dumpling is a Scottish cake-y boiled/steamed dumpling/pudding rich with fruits and made with suet. It is usually boiled in a cloth (cloot, in Auld Scots/Lallans) - hence, clootie dumpling.
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I'm not much of a pastry chef, so my own offerings tend towards the simple and/or rustic.

Cheesecake -- including Crostata Ricotta (Italian Cheesecake)
Cassata Siciliana
Mexican Chocolate mousse
Praline Souffle
Fruit pies
Fruit cobblers
Fruit tarts
Tarte tatin -- apple, peach, or pear
Ice creams, Sherbets, Ices

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Apple snow
Eve's Pudding
Gooseberry fool (or rhubarb or raspberry)
Eton Mess

???? ok we need a translation here....

Are you're puddings the same as ours?
milk, eggs, sugar, flavoring, sometimes cornstarch/flour

Seems like brits use black currant, rhubarb and gooseberry much more than we do in the states.....love um!
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We use the word puddings interchangeably with desserts, 'afters' etc!

Eton Mess is a confection of broken up meringues, double cream and sliced strawberries/raspberries/other soft fruits all tossed together - in other words a Mess, which was supposed invented as the posh boys' school, Eton!

Eve's pudding: apples, with a sponge topping - but I also make it with gooseberries or rhubarb

Cranachan: layers of toasted oats, drambuie flavoured double cream and raspberries (also good with stewed gooseberries or rhubarb)

Gotta go to a meeeting, will continue later!


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Cheesecake (plus the similar things like the ricotta mascarpone cheesecakes.
Creme Brulee or most any other custard/flan
Apple or peach pie or other apple/peach tart
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Bailey's Chocolate Mousse
Pecan pie, pumkin pie, apple pie, rum raisin pie.....a la mode.
Honey vanilla pannacotta
creme brulee
tres leches cake
Italian cream cake
chocolate truffle cookies
almond maccaroons dipped in chocolate
white chocolate raspberry cheesecake
chocolate truffle cheesecake

ah the list goes on and on.......:lol:
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