What is your adopted culinary "nationality"?

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I like cooking cuisines from all over the world.  Having been all over Asia, I do have a particular fondness for Asian cuisine. ( I love my hand hammered carbon steel wok) But, I also love European cuisine.  Alas, so much food, so little time.  ;-)  But, I suppose if I had to pick a culinary homeland, it would be Italy.
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I'd have to say I'm somewhere between French Country and pan-European. I think I was from Provence in another life!

Hi Becky, food from the Provence I can understand, living in the Provence even more. "French country" is a little too generalistic IMO. Culinary France could be divided in dozens of regions, each having their very own specialities. There's a cooking competition on a French TV channel where past week, a cook from Marseille was asked to do "anguilles au vert"; ...he had never heard of it because it's a plate from the very north of France (...and even more of my very own country). On the other hand, a bouillabaise, which originates from the Marseille area cannot be made as good as with fresh fish from the Marseille area.

Sorry, but I have to say there's -for the same reason- no such thing as pan-European cuisine.  Also, IMO, the same goes for "Asian" cuisine, even "Italian" and "Spanish" cuisine...
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