What is this? Found in old bar kitchen.

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    halb - it most likely is, and we are going to treat it as such - but as a scientist I can't say it *is* until we pull that puppy out of the ground. I do appreciate your detective work and please thank your friends for me (and my dad :)). Who would have thought that was what would be found in an old restaurant!

    Luckily, no worries on the gas station front - we do know that was not the case. We have found some more history and it was a farm (we knew this part), then the farmer sold some small lots and it had a house built in the early 60's. In the early 90's the owner just before us bought it and rented it out as a bar. So it looks like the homeowner was possibly a shade tree mechanic who was good enough / busy enough to have a lift in the garage. The garage was absorbed into the house when it was turned into a bar. I guess they didn't want to deal with removing the lift so it stayed.

    Happily, they did deal with the zoning requirements - this area is very protective of appearances & density, and commercial zoning is hard to come by. This one is allowed due to being grandfathered in. So even with this new development, this is a good find. We already knew we would have to have the slab and asphalt removed, this adds a little to that chore, but not too bad. We have found two local options for removal.

    Thanks again!
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