What is the secret of the amazing Lok Luk steak???

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    Hi there, one of the most amazing steak dishes I have ever tried was the Lok Luk steak in Cambodia last year. I never thought a beef can taste like that it was absolutely delicious. Has anyone tried this dish? There is no Cambodian restaurants in the UK which is pity, I have found only one which claims that exist since 1987, and it's in London my home town, but never heard of it before? Has anyone been there? Aww sorry forgot, it's called Lemongrass restaurant in Camden.

    This is their website:


    They do offer the Lok Luk steak, but I wonder if the taste will be the same as the one I had in Cambodia? Apparently there is a secret that the chefs would not disclose with others, I have asked few chefs in Cambodia and none of them was willing to tell me the secret. I love cooking and would like to try this at home. Has anyone visited the restaurant in London and tried the steak?

    If not I guess I have to go there myself when I find some spare time.

    Thanks for your time
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