What is the name for this dish?

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In Swedish, this is a "fish gratin". What is the appropriate name in English (which isn't my native language)?


It doesn't contain any breadcrumbs or cheese which Google tells me are common in gratins.
It's usually a simple recipe with fish, cream and potatoes.

I've googled a bit but can't make sense of this. Gratin or casserole or something else?

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How 'bout Swedish Fish and Potato gratin?
Thank you, that is a good idea!

I'd also like to educate myself though ;-) Is "gratin" what you use in US/UK English for "anything creamy-ish made in the oven" or is "casserole" better? Is anything made in a casserole dish a "casserole"?

Sorry for the stupid questions but I'm trying to learn the nuances.
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the name of the dish must give a clear idea of what it is.
Gratin - meaning "to grate " , could be cheese ,bread , potatoes , etc.
Gratine - used to describe "crust , skin , etc."
Mainly this is a Culinary technique " Cooking au gratin "/no recipe , no name , no dish whatever of that kind of/ , cooked under grill. Not necessary breadcrumbs , cheese whatever. Classics are with Mornay.
Gratin dish /on picture/ - are plate developed for that technique fireproof
So could be , Fish , seafood au gratine , Cauliflower au gratine , Oyster , etc. cooked and served on that dish.
Casserole or Casserole pan /old provencal /- are deep dish used for cooking and serving as main course /
This days ,names vary depends of country ,culture , local cuisine etc.
In England they say Fish pie
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I think of a gratin as a dish that is placed under the broiler in the oven. It doesn’t have to have cheese in it, sometimes they put cheese or breadcrumbs on top to help make it brown.

I think you described it well, as a fish gratin.
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Thank you all for your input (and the laughs, I had no idea Swedish fish was a candy, too, lol) and for taking the time to answer.
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I second "Fish Pie"! The addition of peas, spinach, leeks, seafood, as well (ack!) cheese is optional and/or recommended :)

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