What is the correct measurement for a 9 inch / 22 cm sized pie?

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Is it correct to use 1 cup/100 grams of all purpose flour to make a 9 inch pie? If this is not correct, how much flour must I use? Until I read this I considered that I should use 500 grams or 1kg for such a size.

Thank you.

edit: I think that 1 cup / 100 grams is used for an aproximate 9 inch pie shell.. Even so, the question is still valid, for a 9 inch / 22 cm pie how much all purpose flour? 

500g flour

285g butter

75ml water

1.25g salt

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A common guideline for pie dough is 3-2-1, flour, fat, water, by weight.

  • 450 grams flour
  • 300 grams fat
  • 150 grams water
  • salt/sugar to taste, generally 5-10 grams
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A 1-cup recipe (like that espoused by B. Clayton) for 8 to 9 inch one-crust pie will cause you grief -- to thin and not enough unless you can roll a perfectly round crust.  Suggest one-and-a-quarter cup AP for 8 inch and one-and-a-half for 9 inch, with the rest of the ingredients follwign the 3-2-1 described by Pete.  There is little harm in making more than you'll need and wasting some since the ingredients are quite affordable.  But if you are incredibly thrifty (like me) you'll re-roll the remainder and sprinke with cinnamon-sugar to make some treats for the baker and the kids.
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If you start tossing out pies that are appearance challenged you will not only end up insane but broke as well.
IMO the pie looked pretty tasty.
Was it worthy of the table of Queen of England?
Maybe not so much lol.
There is a reason most all food service pros are a bit fluffy ;)

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I intend it to be a bit prettier, that is all. I know, it was my first pie, my first bake afterall so I did not know much. I know that I don't have the study, experience and the utensils/oven of a professional, and even if I had them (utensils and oven) I would still lack the study and experience of a professional. I am just a bit above "can't boil water".
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FWIW I weigh out all my flour for bread and doughs.  For a 9 inch tarte shell I've used 4 oz flour and it just fit, barely.  Making a tarte dough with 6 oz flour leaves enough dough leftover to make an additional tarte measuring either 4 inches or, if I'm adventurous with my rolling pin, 6 inches.
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My first pie. I had to throw the shell because it did not came up well, so that the pie did not suffer...

That looks good and rustique!!!!  May I suggest a couple of things:
  1. For browning, brush the exposed portion of the dough with a slightly beaten egg white, beaten 'till just beginning to froth.  You could also mix a tsp of sugar and water with it for more browning.
  2. You might consider these two books:  RATIO by Ruhlman  and The Baker's Companion by King Arthur Flour.
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