What is the best website for definitions and descriptions of dishes?

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I really enjoy cooking, and I am an at home cook, but I would really like to have as much knowledge as possible .  What site is a  good, reliable, and accurate source for information concerning ingredients, and dishes? 
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Epicurious has a good food dictionary. Even wikipedia is often useful in that regard.
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I have it Ed . I lent it to a young man who thinking of entering the field. He asked me 7 months ago what would be the best book to read for this very thing. Of the 4 books I handed him, that was on of them.

Last week I hosted a party and I invited this young man to bring some hors d'oeuvres....he brought platters of various amuse buches but what impressed me most was that when asked about his smoked salmon , this young man, took the time, and smoked the salmom in his backyard yard.

I asked him why ? why did he go through so much trouble ? and he said that he was "inspired" by Escoffier, he is reading the book for the second time now. This is someone who never stepped into a kitchen, but I believe he has a gift.
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I will look into the book.  Do you guys have a link for where to purchase  it?  I searched and I found different but similiar titles.   So an exact link would be greatly appreciated.  /img/vbsmilies/smilies/biggrin.gif
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The original was crown publishing in NY  / Library has it or can get it  for you, because cheap it's not
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