What is the best way to store vanilla beans?

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I've done a search and some people seem to think that putting them in sugar is a good idea. I would think that storing them is a tightly sealed plastic bag would be better than keeping them in sugar (in terms of keeping their moisture) What about in the refrigerator? or even the freezer?
I have actually heard of people storing them in containers with raisins to help keep them moist.
Any thoughts would be great

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The way i keep them for months,is i put them in a zip lock bag,then wrap them in plastic wrap then freeze them.Ihave no problem with them,they always are moist...:)
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most inportant! plump beans to start. zip lock air tight after that.
I've heard the apple slice thing for when they shrink a little but have never had them long enough. I personally would not store beans in sugar. husks, yes, for flavor only. just me.
Passed on Tahitian the other day 40. a 1/2 75. lb. anyone getting better prices?? offer good till 12-28.
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