What is the best temp setting ??

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First let me say that i have been cooking breakfast / lunch for thirty years and love it.
But... I was in a bad accident and experienced some memory loss.
I am getting back into a new restaurant soon as the head grill cook doing breakfast / lunch once again,,,,,,,,,,,,,
BUT... I cannot remember what is the best setting to be used on a gas flat grille for cooking eggs, pancakes etc....
Any help would be great.
Thanks :look:
This is my first time on this site... hope it works for me and i am looking forward to reading what everyone has to say.
Good day.:peace:
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I keep the egg side at around 300 deg. Any hotter and the bottoms get over cooked and tough before the white around the yolk is done. The pancake/ hash brown/ bacon side needs to be hotter, around 375 degrees. Hope this helps. It all depends on the grill (they all run different) and how busy you are.
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Wanted to say thank you to greyeaglem for the advice.
I'm sure that will work great.
Thanks again, and have a great day.:peace:
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