What is the best software system for a small caterer ??

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    Hi there, I set up Fancy Fork Catering this year in the UK as a small boutique catering business for my local area, in the UK. As more and more work has come in, I have (until now) been pulling all my menus together on different word and excel documents, working out my profit with a calculator...............Now it's time to start doing this more efficiently and A LOT MORE QUICKLY!!!!!

    The question is:

    What is the best catering software in the market for someone like me? I want to be able to:

    Cost all my menus easily

    Pull together the prices of ingredients into one place

    Be able to input all the new recipes that I have found.

    ...........basically the best system out there for a small catering business.

    What is the best system for me? So far, I have found www.365chef.com (by StarChef). It seems pretty good, but I want to have something to compare it with. It would be great to hear anyone else experiences!!


    Fancy Fork
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    So, you are looking for "recipe management software" rather than "catering business management software" correct?

    I've used Mastercook for over 10 years and I find it excellent for:
    • Storing recipes
    • Scaling recipes
    • Editing recipes
    • Costing recipes (it DOES require input of local food prices)
    • Preparing shopping list(s) (even for multiple stores)
    • Inputting recipes from web sites, either with the Web Import Bar for IE or RecipeFox using FireFox
    • Inputting recipes from text files using Import Assistant
    • Importing recipes from email
    Take a look at: http://www.valusoft.com/DRHM/store?...oft&Locale=en_US&Env=BASE&productID=183067000 or you can find it on Amazon as well. The price is around 20US$ plus shipping