What is the best air fryer?

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A few weeks ago I bought a Black & Decker "Crisp&Fry" 1500 watt air fryer - toaster oven combo. It is a fairly simple, low end unit, cost me about $90 USD . Toaster, oven, broiler, and air fryer. Simple analog controls, perhaps a bit too simple. You cannot set a specific temperature for the air fry function, 'Air Fry' on the dial.

So far I am mostly pleased with it. Does a great job on frozen french fries out of the bag. Tried it on some chicken thighs.



These were not breaded, just allowed to dry off a bit, hit with salt and pepper and cooked in air fryer mode. Should have done a short 'fork don't lie' video al a Chef John to show the crispy skin. A few days later did some that were buttermilk soaked and breaded, those were not as successful.

So far it has worked on other things I have tried, toasted sandwiches, quesadillas and such. I might have been happier with a top end 500 dollar unit, maybe not.



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I've only seen Ming Tsai use them on his cooking program. They seem slow for the results.

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