What is on your grill this weekend?


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Thinking I will be grilling some asparagus, and some scallops. Yesterday was some portobellos. I love the warm months we grill outside almost everyday. 
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Been bbq-ing the last couple of days as well.

Got a little charcoal bbq (helps to keep me warm as it is fast approaching winter here)

The other day it was a lamb chop marinated in lemon, garlic, mustard and rosemary and belly pork, marinated in soy, chili, garlic and lemon. The day before, just very simply a chorizo sausage on the braai and a potato wrapped in alu foil in the coals.

More bbq-ing ahead in the next couple of days/weeks.....
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My "weekend" is Tuesday and Wednesday. Will be grilling a stuffed pork loin then, along with bacon-wrapped enoki mushrooms, and the ingredients for a grilled pepper salad. Might grill the last of the KY Flat Tan pumpkins as well, for a smoky sort of puree.
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