what is Culinary school Like?

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     Can someone explain to me in detail What culinary school is like, I really Do not want to hear a school but with cooking, but what am I expected to learn, is it like a college where u choose specifically what you want to learn, what do you think I should persue in cooking If I want to be able to cook food overall. I want to know is it really for me, and I only ask because I ve been boxing for 6 years , and I'm in the military and to top it off I'm an aircraft mechanic, I enjoy realism but I enjoy cooking too, but what I can't stand are fake things, and that's one of my fears going to culinary school, I don't want to be looked down upon because of where i'm from or what I do, or my demeanor, on a daily basis people look and don't expect me to know much but the quick-on button on a microwave, and I'm definitely not saying I'm gifted with the ability to cook, but I'm confident, my question will I be able to deal with one of the first steps in following culinary arts?
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    Hi Devin~

    Well, I can only give you my experience, so here goes...

    I attended a community college, that had a 2 year culinary program. The school was fairly new, at the time, but I had heard some great things about it. CIA had a long wait to get into and was a bit farther from home than I wanted, so I gave this school a shot. I was 24 when I went and feared I was going to be the oldest one in the classes. Boy, was I wrong. There were people from all walks of life, ages and varied cooking experience. Some had much more real-life restaurant experience than I did. I was a lab tech major and had worked as a waitress and sometimes cook in a casual restaurant, in my teens and early 20's.

    Being that you have military experience, you will find that it will be to your benefit, if you attend culinary school. Our uniforms had to be spotless, shoes had to be shined. We were inspected every day before class.

    Are there some students/chef educators who got on my nerves??? Yes, just like in every day life. I never encountered many "fake" people. There were some who claimed to know more about cooking, than they truly did, but that all came to pass when we actually had to start cooking! I found it very structured, but there was also a creative aspect that I loved.

    Now that I have been "in the biz" for many years, I often use and remember hints, techniques and recipes that I learned in school. I still go back and visit and have many great memories. We also loved to party and eat great food! How many college students can say they ate like kings in school?

    I think the military, the boxing and your profession will be great assets. Structure, stamina and attention to detail are some qualities that makes for a great chef!

    Good luck~