What is breakfast food?

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For some reason, I was thinking about this during my commute to work today. Maybe because I didn't have breakfast. Anyway, what exactly is the definition of breakfast food? Clearly it's anything that you eat for breakfast, but are there some foods that are only breakfast items? Are there other items that cannot be considered breakfast foods?

Most would say that steak and potatoes should be served for dinner, but one of the best breakfasts I've ever had was in Western Colorado when we had ribeye steaks and roasted potatoes. So I'm curious what other people think is the definition of breakfast food.


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I don't know, but I like soup and fried rice for breakfast as well.
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unless it's a banquet or event nothing is off limits for breakfast foods. leftover pizza, chicken and waffles, in the summer my fave breakfast for a while was a chicken cesar salad. Just like I sometimes like pancakes or bacon and eggs for dinner.


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I love Indian breakfast. There used to be this Indian grocer with an attached deli in Canoga park.  $2.95 for a masala dosa.  /img/vbsmilies/smilies//smile.gif
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I love Indian breakfast. There used to be this Indian grocer with an attached deli in Canoga park.  $2.95 for a masala dosa.  /img/vbsmilies/smilies//smile.gif

 I'm with you there.  One of my favorite breakfasts consists of vegetable pakoras and tamarind sauce.  But I also like a good peanut butter and banana sandwich, just plain Raisin Bran or any of the other typically breakfast foods (on the rare, weekend mornings that I have time to make and consume them).
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I never really understood why some people feel that there is a limit on what we can and cannot have for breakfast. Any food that I eat, I have no problem eating it for breakfast.

Now, if I have to MAKE breakfast, that's a different story. I'm not a morning person so if I have to make something myself, it's just got to be relatively quick and simple.
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Wadday'all talkin'?

Everybody know that cold pizza is the only legitimate breakfast food. Everything else is an affectation. /img/vbsmilies/smilies/drinkbeer.gif
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Wadday'all talkin'?

Everybody know that cold pizza is the only legitimate breakfast food. Everything else is an affectation. /img/vbsmilies/smilies/drinkbeer.gif
Putting cold pizza in my word hole and sharing garments.  Two items high on my list of things I just don't do. 
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Well, call me oldfashioned - but I enjoy porridge in winter and muesli in summer, followed by scrambled egg with a bran scone!

Of course - then there is the once a year, Scottish breakfast blowout - with ALL or most of the following (all my foreign visitors adore it!)

Fried egg


Sausage - Lorne (aka 'square' sausage)

Fried tomatoes


Fried bread

Tattie scone

Black pudding


White pudding

Some people add baked beans, but I think that is a step too far!

Toast with marmalade

Lots of good Darjeeling tea
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Sounds good Ishbel, I'll be there.

I wouldn't deem anything off limits for breakfast but I've never personally had a craving for sushi, salad, or other cold foods that are typically eaten at other meal times.  Everything else sounds fine to me - leftovers, fried chicken, pizza, yesterday I had a bowl of spaghetti bolognese at 9:00am. 

Those possibilities aside I claim breakfast foods to be some of my favorite foods any time of day.  I love eggs, pancakes, home fries, sausage, waffles, french toast, etc.
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I gotta say I'm with pretty much else I don't really think of anything off limits as far as breakfast, the one thing that has always gotten me though is people for the most part only associate eggs with breakfast.

Now that being said one of my all time favorites for breakfast is steak and eggs with crispy fried potatoes.

Although I don't really seeing me eating any kind of raw meats for breakfast and that includes sushi that has raw fish on or in it.
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First a cup of coffee and then a banana, next an apple and I'm good till at least 2pm of longer if I take a ziplock with some nuts and raisins for a scooby snack.

Sundays a bowl of menudo and some hot chile pikin salsa does the trick. Good till dinner with that one. /img/vbsmilies/smilies/biggrin.gif
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Breakfast is the only meal i can't skip without sadness.  I usually eat a simple breakfast, but the essential ingredients are milk and grains - generally a lot of american coffee with a lot of milk in it (literally half) and toast with butter and sometimes also jam.  In summer I like Alpen, the raw oats, raisins and nuts thing with milk.  When i have time pancakes.  When i'm in the states, hardly anything is as good as English muffins. Occasionally bagels, but where there are bagels there are english muffins, and the latter are my favorite.  Sometimes oatmeal porridge with a little brown sugar. 

Notice a pattern? wheat (or oats) and milk. 

Anything hard or sour is out.  Can't do apples - they're too hard and sour.  I need to be slowly coaxed out of my stupor with gentle things, soft, warm, comforting.  That's breakfast.  Oh, and time.  I need at the very least to sit for half hour and slowly let my body wake up.  Even when i was young i couldn't skip that step. 
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When I venture out on vacations I like to stay at Bed and Breakfast places, and I find it interesting what these places cook for breakfast.

Many places still serve sweets at breakfast and lots of it.  Things like sticky buns cinnamon rolls, fruited coffeecakes and the like.

Meat and eggs are usually not in the budget for these places unless you pay a premium price for the room.

Fresh fruit is almost always at these places and that changes with the seasons.
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Since coffee is gradually being replaced by cola beverages for breakfast as well as a bag of chips or Doritos. Do I take it that they are classified breakfast foods?

Ishbel How about some Smoked Fin an Haddie??
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How about the smell of fresh croissants and a really good strong coffee (x5) in the morning? And artisanal bread, unsalted butter and homemade jam... and I never refuse a thin slice (not a chunk!) of medium-old Gouda cheese. Oh, and a 3 minutes boiled egg to dip a strip of bread in.

And I mean bread like this one;

here with hare pâté (never as breakfast, late afternoon snack) and a little green tomato jam

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Another of my favorite breakfasts was when I toured Bavaria with my family. Fresh and cured meats, fresh cheese, wonderful bread. That's the kind of breakfast I like.

It sounds like most people are saying that breakfast can be almost anything. So what makes "breakfast", well, "breakfast"? Is it only time of day? Is it the first meal? Just some philosophical questions from a meandering mind.

Oh, and Chris, feel free to ship some of that bread my way. Looks fantastic.
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Tyler, bread is so essential. I hate industrial bread packed in plastic, ughhh. I'm so lucky to have at least a dozen good bakeries in a few miles radius.

This one I like particularly, although quite expensive; bread with nuts baked in.  A real treat with my homemade elderberry jam... enjoy!


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