What is a pastry cook?????

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HI I applied for a job at a beautiful hotel in Southern California. I have been a cake decorator for 7 years and worked in bakeries for 10. So they offered a job as a pastry cook vs. pastry chef. I did not even know that there was a big difference... I asked what a pastry cook does and she said prepare deserts. Do pastry cooks do the decorating part of deserts? I have no idea???
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It entirely depends on the hotel. Some hotel pastry chefs are mostly hands-on, while others spend a lot more time doing administrative and business-related work. You can ask the employer what the difference is in their hotel.


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I think A pastry chef is the head of Dept. while a pastry cook is the one who works
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Everywhere I've worked, the pastry chef is the boss, the pastry sous chef is his/her assistant and the pastry cooks are the hourly employees. I've been around long enough to have seen each of those positions occupied by employees who do the work and also employees who avoid it :)
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