What is a "green" sponge?

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I got my nice new De Buyer's mineral pan and in the instructions manual it says to clean it with hot water and a "green sponge".

Anyone care to enlighten me as to what a "green sponge" is? I need to scrub this pan.
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My guess would be a "Scotch Brite" type scouring pad.

Edit: I just looked over the manual for the mineral line of pans and I'm sure that's what they meant.  Be careful, however, as they mention using the green sponge only when you have stuck on food. You should only need hot water and an ordinary sponge for regular cleanings, too much scouring could damage the seasoning the pan will develop over time.
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Those Scotch brite things are color-coded.  White is least abrasive (I think), then pink, then blue or green.  Don't quote me on the order, but this is the general idea.
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Just as an aside, once your pan is properly cured there shouldn't be much sticking at all. Usually only happens if you work at too high a heat.

I clean my carbon steel pans the same as my cast iron: Hot water, only, and a brush dedicated strictly to that purpose.
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