What is a good way to prepare horse?

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What is a good way to prepare horse?

What temperature do you cook it to?

Specifically the cuts I have access (in Europe) to are thinly sliced fillets (like sandwich steak), or a thicker piece from the same cut, like an inch or two thick.
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Depends on which part.
The steak just like steak (remember the horse meat scandal? It also turned out that some of the steak houses praised for their awesome tender steaks actually served horse).
The other pieces, just like you would do deer, impala etc. It's fairly lean meat.

A fair bit is smoked and used as cold meat on bread. Some is used in salami.
Personally, I like the steak, but dislike the taste of most of the other cuts.
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Can you eat horse medium rare?

It appears the cut was from the rib area, or perhaps the sirloin.
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Don't cook it! Get the thicker slices so you can cut some big chunks. Oh I see you said an inch or two... yeah that's a bit too much actually. I would make 1/2" cubes. Make a steak tartare. Serve it with homemade french fries. THAT's the best way to eat horse (IMO).

But if you have to cook it, do it real fast. Horse is really lean. Few seconds on each side, you're done.

Enjoy! :D

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