What ingredient(s) can I add to make ordinary cole slaw extraordinary?

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Hello All;
I really love making (and eating) cole slaw. I prefer a mildly sweet version but I don't like the taste of vinegar or celery seeds so I leave these out. My standard recipe consists of mayonnaise, a little bit of sour cream, sugar (Though in my case being diabetic, I use xylitol which is a good sugar replacement), dijon mustard, salt and pepper.

I am looking for thoughts on other things I could add to give my home maid cole slaw a different and extraordinary taste.

Thanks for your suggestions.

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sweet, mayonaisy coleslaws are a blight on good coleslaw, so i probably cant tell you anything you want to hear. my ideal coleslaw runs along the lines of containing some combination of apple (cut to matchstick size), cabbage and carrot (in about a 1-3-1 ratio), salt, toasted caraway seeds, ground and toasted corriander seed, fresh ground pepper, apple cider/moscatel vinegar, fish sauce/worceshershire sauce, lemon juice


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I think you would be better served exploring the varieties of coleslaw than the pursuit of one.

I've had a few good sweet-sour varieties but this is usually what I prefer least. The best I had of this type was based in a rice vinegar version of simple syrup.

Asian inspired dressings can be quite good too.

In the American mayo style, there are two I vacillate between. One in mayo and vinegar and seasonings, no sugar. The other based in Boiled Dressing, cut with mayo.
I don't use that linked version, just provide it as a guide.


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Oh, I did a clean-out-the+fridge slaw on the 4th. Only a little cabbage, some hand shredded carrot leftover from a chirashi meal, bean sprouts from a different meal, some onion, and some thin cut broccoli I blanched to bulk up the slaw. My wife and daughter who aren't slaw fans liked it better than regular slaws. It's quite versatile really.
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Pineapple is your friend . . . at least it's mine when it comes to a "sweet" component coleslaw.

Being allergic to soy I have to make my own mayo though which is very easy and tastes so much better.
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I'm not a mayo fan, and I don't like sweet stuff, I tend to go for vinegar/mustard dressing.
Everyone to their own :)
But for your combo, I would try addfng some pickle brine of cucumber or capers (olive brine seems a bit weird, but maybe try with a little of your standard slaw).
Maybe add some hardboiled eggs, crushed with a fork to very small pieces , instead of mayo for a change?
Asian dressing sounds good as well.
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I put pineapple and craisins in mine. I've found that the added sweetness make it more palatable for gatherings of people whom may not normally like coleslaw. Plus the sweetness is nice if you are doing a vinegar based bbq sauce.
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