"what if you had your $40,000 back?"

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Culinarians post in Cooking Questions made me think of a mirror question if you will.
"what if you had your $40,000 back?"

If you could go back in time a little bit to that fateful decision would you do it all over again. Or knowing what you know now, what would you do differently.
In essence I am giving you a time machine to relive part of your life with the addition of knowledge. Would you have done everything the same, change a little bit what?
I'll start you off:
I would have gone to the same school; however I would have cut out certain party favors as that did me no good. I would then like to have continued on to another school and continued my education by getting a BS in business with a minor in Writing. This way I could have used my writing and food knowledge to end up as a writer with books, reviews and who knows what else. I could have used the business end to allow me to put some of my more creative endeavors to a more financially rewarding end. Remember changing the past also changes the present, so since this is all fantasy anyway I would still have managed to end up with the same wife and kid!:D
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Ahh, fantasies, fantasies...
I have not opened my own business so i can't really reply to that one but I have worked **** hard over the last 13 years ( yes, I know, i'm a baby in the business) and one thing I would change from the past is the way I handled employers.
As an apprentice, I was very timid and wouldn't question if someone didn't give me superannuation or didn't pay me for overtime etc.
I still give alot more than I am paid for in my job, but I have learnt to stand up for my basic entitlements.
Unfortunately, this has only come about after being ripped off for a number of years.
I have missed out on alot of time with my friends and family b/c of work, but I would be hesitant to change that b/c it has made me the person that I am, and I am kind of proud of the work obsessed, responsible, underpaid person that I am.
Blathering now, I'll stop.
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i'd still have gone to school, as --- years ago it was just about the only way a female in my area was getting into a restaurant kitchen. i just would've paid more attention! at least i had a great master chef as a teacher when i got out. he taught me many more hands-on skills than the school. something to be said for apprenticing even after you've received that piece of paper.
i think i would've(should've) changed locations after school though as there's not much in my area in the form of upscale dining.
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When I originally thought of this post somehow my diminished mind imagined it differently. But the lack of response and rereading it has kind of made me realize it is sort of a lame question. We can't obviously live in the past. I think something in the back of my mind was seeing the question differently but I can't quite put my finger on it.
So never mind......
I guess I should have said something more along the lines of "if you had it to do over, would you still be a chef? or might you have changed directions.
Is that any better?:confused:
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