What I Did On My Summer Vacation

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Left a flooded Houston for what was to be a glorious 5 weeks of fishing , crabbing and general relaxation.

Brought my 4 year old chickie ( the reason I breathe lol) with the intention of teaching her to love my childhood playground as well as a healthy respect of our gulf coast ecosystem.

Being Gma Van's fave ( sorry sibs but yall know it is true...HA!) Grand, I would be sent here to keep her company for months at a time until I had to begin my formal education, then for entire summers.
This is where I learned the secrets of the kitchen and had my first baking lessons.

I digress.

Typical early summer weather...pleasant breezes off the bay until around 10 am then rapidly climbing temps until the afternoon showers come to cool things down a bit.
This 38 foot tin can (fifth wheel) I rented becomes so warm during the afternoon that we have started having our beach time from about 3 till almost 8 pm, taking some cold shrimp salads and cut up melons for evening picnics.

Ahhh the beach!
We will walk about a mile in both directions cooling off in the shallows when needed.
The Grand has learned to gather discarded fishing line as well as shells.
We both watch out for beer and soda bottle fragments and gather those as well.
The idiots who decide it is a good idea to bleed their nicked up line and toss it over board should be forced to watch the seabirds become wrapped up and die in agony IMO.

I have taught her to pick up the stranded hermit crabs and toss into the surf ( doesn't help much as they will follow the next high tide up on the sands and get trapped again lol) .
She is learning about the food chain as well as the coastal circle of life ie if you come across dead fish ( usually mullet fry) to toss those in as well.

She has caught her first trout and sorry @eastshores but I think she bested your recent trophy (altho her papa had to help land the larger one with the net so she will let yours stand for now) ;-)

Have been trapped inside for two days now.
For those of you in the US hurricane tracking center.....get another job.
The media heard the words landfall between Houston and western LA and went into panic the public mode.
Schools and government offices were closed yesterday....store shelves were emptied of all bottled water , canned food and BEER !
For those who keep track of these things the "eye" made landfall about 15 miles west of my tin can home.
@panini .... you nailed it!
Isn't it great to be smart!!!!!
That is a diff of a few hundred miles!
Not that it would have changed my vaca plans.
Being brought up on the water I have learned to respect these "blows" but even tho my gut said we would get some rough weather I didn't get that need to evacuate feeling.

Besides the Coast Guard station is only a few blocks away and would come rescue us at the drop of a hat (hmmmm, Coast Guard men....all polite and tanned and did I mention the rugged vibe they all emit?) and wisk us to safety!

Wow this post was kinda wordy....sorry but I have blown my way thru an entire pot of coffee so feeling a bit chatty lol.

I will close now.
It is light enuf outside to go see what King Neptune has tossed up on the beach.
Satellite shows a few hours until the next squall so will wake the kid, put on our bathing suits and go scavenge.

Please Lord ....no bales of pot this time!!!

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Still sounds like a great vacation despite the storm. Think I'll make my next one on the beach now. 

Sorry to read about all the trash washing up. Amazing how many still pollute. 

Bales of pot???  I thought that was an urban myth. Maybe my next vacation should be in Texas. 

Overall, what a great experience to pass on to the next generation. There's nothing like a walk on the beach, especially an educational one. 

Btw, hope the gulf coast shrimp are as good as I remember. 
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All in all has been great....and as soon as the shattered big toe heals a bit more will be able to get in the water and do a bit of wade fishing.
I have never had much luck fishing from a boat or pier.

The trash is horrible....plastics of every form, beer cans, a few unmentionables and the best find so far ..... a brand new boogie board!

We have had so much runoff of rain water the salinity in the bay's has dropped quite a bit making the shrimps a bit scarce, so have been paying premium prices ($37.50 for a couple of lbs of headed med-large) but so clean and fresh I just had to grin and bear it lol.

Getting my seasoned boil water ready as we "speak".
I want them nice and cold for tonite' salad.

Come on down!
Have plenty of rods and reels all kinds as well as sizes.... the shrimp have been scarce but plenty of bait fish swimming around= nice full stringers!

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About the pot.....
There is a statewide clean up the beaches weekend every year.
We always hear of a few bales being snagged every so often and I thought it was so much hogwash until my group (assigned to cruise the back bay and as many marshes as we could safely get into) came across one.....kinda broken up but still a pretty large chunk.

Had to call into the organizer desk, report what we found and stay and guard it until the Coast Guard came to relieve us.
Wonder what the effect salt water has on it once it is dry again?


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Had to call into the organizer desk, report what we found and stay and guard it until the Coast Guard came to relieve us.
How long was the wait? And did you have a pipe with you? Were you able to recognize the Coast Guard when they arrived? Or were you sleeping? /img/vbsmilies/smilies/lol.gif  

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