What have you learned today?

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I was preparing a recipe today that called for celery root; I work in England and assumed this meant the base of a celery stalk...wrong! I googled to make sure and found out it meant celeriac! WOW, I worked in the US for many years and assumed I knew the translations (cilantro is coriander, zucchini is courgette, egg plant is aubergine etc....). What cool things have you only just learned after many years of cooking???
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I learned that our Banquet Director is an idiot.
Okay, that's not true, I already knew that.
I learned today that it hasn't gotten miraculously better.
Boy, when her looks go she's going to be in trouble.
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I learned a few things.....

1- Nutmeg is found within the pit of the fruit. The spice mace comes from the same tree and is ground from the dried seed case that surrounds the nutmeg. Nutmeg fruit is collected using long poles with nets on the end. The mace is separated from the seed, which is then left to dry in its casing. Once dry, the cases are cracked open and the warm, sweet aroma of nutmeg is revealed.

2- So much about bread that I have the deepest respect for it especially after making a few new ones posted here....oh the flour in the air is still ....

3- That letting go is the hardest thing.............
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That even though you gave someone a free turkey yesterday they will try and get a free one today too.
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...That it doesnt take that much effort to take my mother-in-law shopping. (Her broomstick was in for a service)

...That i'm getting really good at sudoku (Random) Bought a new book today and pinged thro the hardest one... Well impressed
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How much fun curry is to prepare completely from scratch. From the spice blends right up to the actual cooking.

How to take apart a lobster claw
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That if I list things on the prep list in order of importance and actually assign numbers to them the stuff I want done first usually gets done first.
That we need to teach our staff how to read the schedule as it is posted.
That we need to fix or replace the back door lock soon as it is really starting to stick and seeing as we are renovating our front porch and stairs the back of the house is the only point of entry for at least the next week....
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